With Tuesday trip to London, the Broncos are keeping the status quo on offense

The Denver offense continues to struggle, with another performance resulting in not enough points. As they prepare to travel to London for a Week Eight game against the Jaguars, will they be making any offensive changes?

“Right now, on a short week, we’re going to keep the status quo,” coach Nathaniel Hackett told reporters on Monday. “We’re all going to work together to build a great plan. I feel like our operation has been going well. We held the ball for a long time, and we moved the ball, we just didn’t convert on some third downs. That kind of stalled us, but we’re going to keep going how we are, and we’ll evaluate everything, we always do. We always want to get better and whatever we can to help this team get better as coaches.”

The Broncos are making the trip to London on Tuesday, five days before the game. Will that be a good thing for the team?

“I think it’s great to be able to get away for a little bit,” Hackett said. “We have a bye afterwards also, but we’re going there to win a football game first and foremost. I think it’s so important to let the guys get out there, be together and work through it. Everybody needs to look from within because we put ourselves in this position and we have to get ourselves out of this position, it’s that simple. I think it’s always good to get away a little bit. London is a little far away to get away, but it will be a good thing for us, I believe.”

The best thing would be winning, I believe. If they don’t win on Sunday, they’ll be 2-6. And Hackett will at least have to wonder whether, once the plane returns to Colorado, he’ll be the one responsible for trying to make things better as of Week 10, when they face the Titans in Tennessee.