Man smashes digger into house as people desperately try to stop him

A video has been shared on social media showing the moment a man driving a JCB digger rams the front of a house and scrapes the side of a car, as two people try to stop him.

The JCB driver appears to make several attempts at ramming the house, seemingly hitting the front wall.

Two people are seen walking up and down the drive, holding their arms up in the air, and looking confused.

At one point, the driver scrapes a silver car with the front of the digger, and raises it up on its side before dumping it on the ground. One of the onlookers runs up and smacks the side of the digger’s cabin.

The driver eventually drives away as several bystanders look on. The whole event was captured on video from a parked vehicle nearby, reports Wales Online.

Gwent Police confirmed: “At approximately 12.20pm today, Tuesday [November 8], we received a report of criminal damage being caused to a house in Woodfield, Blackwood.

“A 55-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and drink driving and is currently in custody being questioned.”

The incident took place on Maes-y-Coed in Blackwood.

The video was filmed on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8 and has had hundreds of comments since.

In the original video, the 1988 song The Only Way is Up by Yazz plays in the background.

While someone in the vehicle can be heard saying: “Got it all on film for you, alright mate?

“Got it all on film. F****ing d***head, what’s he f***ing doing? F****ing joke.”